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The perfect solution for any diver looking for maximum thermal insulation and low bulk


The perfect solution for any diver looking for maximum thermal insulation and low bulk. The upper body features a wind and water resistant panel on the chest which protects the chest from the cold rush of air from a suit inflation valve. The same material is used on the arms, this helps to keep you dry and warm on the surface when wearing your drysuit around the waist. Extra layers of insulating fleece have been added in high heat loss areas, to keep your dive times long even in the coldest conditions. The outer most fabric is coated with a ceramic print which protects against wear from the inside of a drysuit. The Mares Extreme undergarment features elasticated thumb loops that stop the sleeves of the suit riding up while donning a drysuit but can be retracted so they don't interfere with wrist seals.
Enhanced insulation on critical zones of the body
Protects key exposure areas including the torso, thighs and arms
Breathable, fleece-lined windproof, water-resistant panels on the chest and arms
Thermal protection is enhanced, creating a cocoon of warmth on the upper body
Between dives additional weather protection
Enhanced Durability and freedom of movement
Ceramic-impregnated fabric and resin-coated fibres, give enhanced abrasion resistance without impeding fabric breathability or stretch
Handwarmer pockets for comfort and convenient zipped pocket for valuables
Unique retractable thumb loops for easy donning without loose loops interfering with wrist seals
Every suit comes with a lightweight drysac, ideal for keeping the undersuit and other items dry amongst wet dive gear
Plastic packaging is minimized in an attempt to lower our environmental impact

Mares Extreme Undergarment - XR Line

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