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Mark your position with this orange SMB. Can inflate at the surface to attract attention, or be sent up as a surface marker.


15cm wide - 1.8m long - 12kg lift
Welded and double stitched
Transparent window at the top for inserting wetnote messages or glow sticks
Marked with Coast Guard approved SOLAS reflective tape
Available in orange (standard) or yellow (emergency)
One-way valve for LP connector or 1 breath inflation
Stainless steel D-ring and bungee attached
Over-pressure valve (OPV)
Integrated pressure-relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth
One-way valve for oral inflate or LP hose connection - easily inflated at depth
Available in yellow or orange: one color to mark position and one to mark emergencies
Inflate at the surface to attract attention or at depth to send up as a surface marker
Reflective tape on the top
When deflated fits in a thigh pocket or backplate storage area

Code: 415755

Mares SMB Regular Orange - XR Line

659,00 krPris
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