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You will feel warm underwater, but you won't feel overheated in the open air

SKU: 06-42045
Ref: AAG-6400


When it comes to thermal insulation material for cold weather, there is nothing better than goose down. However, this has a major disadvantage: it has limited heat retention efficiency and a poor drying rate when once wet. In 1987, the U.S Military asked a synthetic material m a n u fa c t u r e r n a m e d Albany International Corp. to develop an insulation material similar to goose d o w n . H o w e v e r, t h e required design had to be warm and lightweight and yet provide better water repellency and drying performance. Since that day, they have carried their research and development program to the limits, and their final and greatest achievement is PrimaLoft®.
This fantastic material is as soft as a cotton puff and yet warmer and may be compressed. It creates a
comfortable and dry internal environment that avoids sweating and overheating.

Mobby Diving Undersuit, Comfort Prime

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