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Neoprene Queen is The Best 1st Aid for Waterproof Neoprene Items.


With this Neoprene glue, any rips in your waders, wetsuit or wellies can be quickly repaired on the bank, with or without a patch, allowing you back in the water in under 10 minutes.
Perfect for rips, holes, splits, open or unstitched seams.
A quick drying black neoprene based contact adhesive which is better value than Black Witch.
The blister card contains a 30g tube of quick drying contact adhesive and 5 circular neoprene patches.
There are easy to follow instructions on the back of the card, in English, French, German and Spanish.
Keep it in your kit bag if you are a diver, angler, surfer, body boarder, kite surfer, or sailor.

This product works on any item made from neoprene, but works on many other fabrics and materials too.

Neoprenelim med lagningslappar

59,00 krPris
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