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A compact strobe kit with Sea&Sea's excelent YS-03 strobe together with a complete arm set made of high quality aluminium. A complete set ready to be used. 

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As the YS-03 has been designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera's built-in flash, it is not necessary to manually adjust output. The YS-03 is compatible with any camera with a pre-flash and that has a TTL flash exposure function, regardless of make.


The arm kit is designed for smaller units like a compact or action cameras and the tray have a single tripod screw attachment. You can add a second arm on the other side for double arm set up whenever you want. Allows attachment of any strobe or light with a 1 inch ball and a Sea & Sea YS-mount adapater is included in the package.


All strobes and lights with YS connection fit directly to this set. Also all units with a 1 inch ball fit directly to the clamp.


No cable is included in the strobe kit but you need a cable to connect the strobe to your housing. The cable you need have to be tailored to your housings and strobes possibilities. You can find all Sea&Sea cables [here].

This kit include

1 pcs - Arm kit compact for Sea&Sea YS-mounted strobes #UNZ-2546
1 pcs - Strobe Sea&Sea YS-03 #03116

Sea&Sea Kit YS-03 Alu

4 099,00 krPris
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