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The housing that satisfies even professional needs with its superior ergonomic design and ruggedness.


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Compatible with both the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS 5D Mark III.
The MDX-5D Mark III and the MDX-5 Mark III ver. 2 housings can be converted to accommodate both the EOS 5D Mark IV and the EOS 5D Mark III (fees apply).

Important controls can be operated whilst holding the grips.
Frequently-used buttons such as ISO, AF Point Selection and Multi-function Selection buttons are operated by external levers, allowing quick and accurate operation.

The camera's diopter adjustment dial can be operated from outside the housing. This feature is useful when two or more people with different eyesight use the housing.

Equipped with two fiber-optic cable sockets for optional Optical YS Converter/C. 

Equipped with an accessory port. The Leak Sentinel can be fitted into it #46125.

The housing is equipped with a lens-lock release button which makes it possible to change lenses easily, without opening the housing.

The Focus/Zoom dial is located on the left side of the housing and can be operated whilst holding the handgrip.



Dimensions 341 x 198 x 141 mm
Weight Approx. 3000 gram
Depth rating 1OOm
Spare 0-ring #62148
Construction: Corosion-resistant aluminum alloy (machined, anodized finish)

Sea Sea UW-Housing MDX-5D MarkIV till Canon 5D Mark IV

31 999,00 krPris
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