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A compact strobe kit with Sea&Sea's excelent professional YS-D2 strobe together with a complete arm set made of high quality aluminium. A complete set ready to be used. 

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Sea&Sea YS-D2 The complete underwater strobe which realizes power, speed and quality. Simply put The strobe professionals choose. Maximum guide number is a powerful 32 (ISO 100, meter). Recycle time is only 1.5 sec.
The YS-D2 is powerful enough to illuminate a wide area, even under very bright conditions with plenty of natural sunlight. During macro photography, where subtle exposure control is required, manual mode can easily be selected and the guide number quickly adjusted as low as 1 when nickel hydride AA batteries are used.


The arm kit is designed for smaller units like a compact or action cameras and the tray have a single tripod screw attachment. You can add a second arm on the other side for double arm set up whenever you want. Allows attachment of any strobe or light with a 1 inch ball and a Sea & Sea YS-mount adapater is included in the package.


All strobes and lights with YS connection fit directly to this set. Also all units with a 1 inch ball fit directly to the clamp.

No cable is included in the strobe kit but you need a cable to connect the strobe to your housing. The cable you need have to be tailored to your housings and strobes possibilities. You can find all Sea&Sea cables [here].

This kit include

1 pcs - Arm kit compact for Sea&Sea YS-mounted strobes #UNZ-2546
1 pcs - Strobe Sea&Sea YS-D2 #03117

Sea&Sea YS-D2 med armset compact i aluminium

7 299,00 krPris
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