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The One Endurance is made of softdura material, that is robust against abrasion, but yet flexible in use. It is a good choice also for diving in cold water, because of the fabric. The suits have a telescope waist structure which means inside the suit there are integrated braces and together with the crotch strap they form a telescope waist. Thanks to this telescope waist construction of the suit, it feels like a normal cloth and ensures that the suit adjusts to the user's movements. The front zipper allows you easily to dress the suit without outside help. The cover on the zipper protects the jacket from rubbing and keeps the zipper clean from sand and dirt. The warm neck structure keeps the separate hood in right place. Since the warm neck is not attached to the seam of the seal any kind of hood can be used, even the one with longer collar. This unique structure ensures that you can use the suit also in a really cold water. The suit is equipped with Si Tech inlet and outlet valves. Bellow type pockets on both thighs, divided in two sections. The pocket flap is designed so that it is easy to open even with dry gloves on. Round shape of the pocket is stylish but also pratical in use. As a standard there is also a small pocket in the flap with zip closure. The suit has Tech Dry Boots that are lightweight and flexible. Cordura reinforcements on shoulders, elbows, bottom and knees.

Ursuit One Endurance

18 199,00 krPris
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